Munich22th-24th Sept. 2015 - 72 Hours
24 Experts | 28 Attendees

non-profit event 5.000 Eurosincl. Lederhosens or Dirndl, Shirts, Shoes, Socks,
All Food, All Drinks, Free WiFi, Transportation
all ticket fees go towards the event


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Marcus SimpsonsSorry, the days of being able to simply purchase SEOktoberfest tickets have passed.

SEOktoberfest is and has been, for at least the last few years an invitation-only event. We do love fresh blood so, if you really think you have got what it takes, you can apply to be added to the waiting list. Unfortunately at this point in the experiment there are only one or two “new” tickets each year going to savvy SEO aficionados.

If you would like to be considered for attendance at SEOktoberfest, you can apply HERE for a ticket!

The Experts

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Alex Schultz 4[ UK ]

Alex Schultz


Robert Hansen 7[ US ]

Robert Hansen

WhiteHat Security

Joe Sinkwitz 7[ US ]

Joe Sinkwitz


Joost de Valk 7[ NL ]

Joost de Valk


Bob Rains 6[ US ]

Bob Rains


Marcus Tober 5[ DE ]

Marcus Tober


Dan Petrovic 2[ AU ]

Dan Petrovic


Dave Naylor 5[ UK ]

Dave Naylor


Fili Wiese 4[ NL ]

Fili Wiese


Aleyda Solis 3[ ES ]

Aleyda Solis


William Sears 4[ US ]

William Sears

Disney Interactive

5[ US ]

Kris Jones

KBJ Capital

Tim Mayer 4[ US ]

Tim Mayer


Bastian Grimm 3[ DE ]

Bastian Grimm


Cindy Krum 1[ US ]

Cindy Krum


Neil Patel 1[ US ]

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Sri Sharma 1[ UK ]

Sri Sharma


Featured Attendees

Timon Hartung 2[ DE ]

Timon Hartung


Lisa Myers 2[ UK ]

Lisa Myers

verve search

Luc Levesque 3[ CA ]

Luc Levesque


Zach Roth 2[ US ]

Zach Roth


Stefan Juhl 4[ DK ]

Stefan Juhl


Arne Flick 6[ DE ]

Arne Flick

rio nord

Julian Dziki 5[ DE ]

Julian Dziki


Derek Devlin 2[ UK ]

Derek Devlin


Jonathan Scott 3[ UK ]

Jonny Scott

Caliber Interactive

Dave Niebuhr 2[ US ]

Dave Niebuhr


Bruce Clay 1[ US ]

Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay Inc.

John Shehata 1[ US ]

John Shehata


Nichola Stott 1[ UK ]

Nichola Stott


Jeff Smith 1[ US ]

Jeff Smith

Recovery Brands LLC

Wojtek Mazur 1[ PL ]

Wojtek Mazur



  • Tuesday, 22nd of September 2015

  • 9am – 4pm — SEOktoberfest Think Tank
  • 5pm – 10.30pm — SEOktoberfest @ Oktoberfest
  • 11pm – open End — SEOktoberfest After-Party
  • Thursday, 24th of September 2015

  • 10am – 4pm — SEOktoberfest Think Tank
  • 5pm – 10.30pm — SEOktoberfest @ Oktoberfest
  • 11pm – open End — SEOktoberfest After-Party

What People Say

I was fortunate to be a part of the 1st SEOktoberfest. I have never been to a conference before with that much expert knowledge getting shared so openly by everyone! SEOktoberfest has been the most important step in my professional SEO career so far, and I still benefit from the knowledge I was able to absorb while having the time of my life! If you're serious about SEO, this is THE one conference you should attend (if you're lucky enough to get a ticket)!”
Astrid Jacobi, SEO Expert @jacobi&jacobi

I attended my first SEOktoberfest in 2014, and to be honest, I was hesitant. Was it hype? Could it really be worth the money? Was it sexist, would they include me in their “click”? I believe in making my own mind up before I judge, so I went. And the truth is; I was not disappointed, I was bowled over by the willingness to share and include me in this elite group. The speakers and attendees are at the top of their game and really want to share and learn from eachother. They talk about the “brotherhood” and how they support each other, and they really do. I really felt part of the group, learnt a lot and had so much fun. I’m converted.”
Lisa Myers, CEO @Verve Search Ltd