SEOktoberfest G50 Summit

***** 2024 *****

@ Stanglwirt, Austria

25 Experts | 30 Attendees

September 22nd - September 27th, 2024

--- sold out ---

expert ticket: € 4,000

attendee ticket: € 6,500

newbie ticket: € 7,000

Bring your family! The G50 Summit is a very family friendly event including free child care.

--- sold out ---

(as always...)

The SEOktoberfest G50 Summit is an invitation-only event. If you would like to be considered for attendance, you can apply here for a ticket. 


***** all inclusive *****

including 4 nights in a suite at Stanglwirt


SEOktoberfest G50 Summit 2024 envoys:

Alex Schultz | Eric Wu | Christi Olsen | Robert Hansen | Mike King | Marcus Tober | Marcus Tandler | Michelle Robbins | Marty Weintraub | Dennis Goedegebuure | Jes Scholz | Bastian Grimm | Eli Schwartz | William Sears | John Shehata | Kris Jones | Lily Ray | Joost de Valk | Jono Alderson | Andrea Volpini | Cindy Krum | Micah Fisher-Kirshner | Joe Sinkwitz | Kristjan Mar Hauksson | Hans Jung | Nik Ranger | Hanns Kronenberg | Brian Hale | Tom LeBaron

Danni Liang | Luc Levesque | Christiaan Bollen | Mathias Rochus | Stephan Theron | Jeff Preston | Rickard Vikström | Aniruddha Kortikar | Jackie Chu | Murat Yatağan | Kevin Indig | Amanda King | Alex Moss | Michael Robin Manning | Sebastian Cario | Casey Markee | Carolyn Shelby | Steve Wiideman | Tyler Reardon | Johan von Hülsen | Christopher Shin | Patrick Kajirian | Jason Paget | Chris Hedgecock | Jordan Koene | Ryland Bacorn | Jeroen Seghers | Romain Damery


What people say:

"I was fortunate to be a part of the 1st SEOktoberfest. I have never been to a conference before with that much expert knowledge getting shared so openly by everyone! SEOktoberfest has been the most important step in my professional SEO career so far, and I still benefit from the knowledge I was able to absorb while having the time of my life! If you're serious about SEO, this is THE one conference you should attend (if you're lucky enough to get a ticket)!"

Astrid Kramer, SEO Expert


"I attended my first SEOktoberfest in 2014, and to be honest, I was hesitant. Was it hype? Could it really be worth the money? Was it sexist, would they include me in their "click"? I believe in making my own mind up before I judge, so I went. And the truth is; I was not disappointed, I was bowled over by the willingness to share and include me in this elite group. The speakers and attendees are at the top of their game and really want to share and learn from eachother. They talk about the "brotherhood" and how they support each other, and they really do. I really felt part of the group, learnt a lot and had so much fun. I'm converted."

Lisa Myers, CEO Verve Search Ltd


With the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ we have raised over €250.000 for charity. We have sponsored four refrigerated trucks which are driving around Munich for Münchner Tafel to pick up food for people in need. We are also supporting the AMAZONICA Foundation.

SEOktoberfest G50 Summit 2018 Envoys

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